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Legal Services



  • legal advising related to the Czech private law recodification and application of the new legislation
  • processing of all types of contracts regulated by the Civil Code, as amended
  • damages and unjust enrichment
  • consultancy and representation in patrimonial proceedings
  • legal relationships concerning real estate (ownership transfers, leases, formation, modification and termination of pledges, safekeeping of money and documents)
  • establishment, change, termination and application of guarantee obligation
  • bills, claims and liabilities of the exchange law
  • solution for due amounts and services provided in connection with the lease
  • participation in negotiations with other parties of legal relationships
  • representation in proceedings before courts and arbitrators
  • receivables enforcement before and out of court, eventually arbitrary (prompt-note, trial and execution proceedings)


  • representation in proceedings before registration courts
  • drafting commercial contracts
  • preparation and organization of general meetings
  • legal relationships concerning real estate (ownership transfers, leases, formation, modification and termination of pledges, escrow of money and documents)
  • bills, claims and liabilities of the exchange law
  • participation in trade negotiations
  • representation in proceedings before courts, arbitrators and administrative bodies
  • debt collection - extrajudicial, judicial and arbitration proceedings (prompt-note, trial, execution and insolvency proceedings)


  • contracts drafting and consultations, representation in contractual negotiations
  • transfers of buildings and lands
  • transfers of cooperative apartments, flats, construction contracts
  • lease agreements, leases of co-operative housing
  • property rights, mortgages
  • representation before cadastral offices
  • contractual relationships arising from and related to real estate offices


  • drawing employment contracts and agreements on work performed outside employment
  • drafting competition clause
  • issues of annual leave, maternity and parental leave
  • questions of working time, overtime, business travels and obstacles to work on the employee / employer side
  • wage compensation, deductions from wages
  • changes and termination of employment contracts, claims from invalid termination of employment contracts, employer's obligation upon termination of employment
  • drafting and filing employment claims for court (dismissal and wage compensation, invalidity, immediate termination of employment and wage compensation, unjust enrichment, void transfer to another job, etc.)


  • drawing contracts relating to copyright and related rights (license agreements, publishing contracts, contract for a work of art, etc.) incl. advice on the contractual aspects of the licensing and transfer of intellectual property rights and know-how
  • legal analysis of licensing agreements, publishing agreements, agreements on the creation of works under copyright law, and preparing documents for the transfer of intellectual property
  • representing authors, performers, producers of sound and audio-visual recordings, authors of software, radio and television companies, publishers, collective management of copyright and related rights to copyright
  • representation in legal proceedings concerning the trademarks held by the Czech Industrial Property Office, arrangements regarding business licenses required for the sale of products and their distribution
  • representation in lawsuits concerning copyright infringement and claims for damages in civil and criminal matters
  • franchising - legal advice within the establishing or expansion of franchise concepts or already existing franchise concepts, preparation and review of franchise agreements, including agreements related thereto; consultation in negotiating the terms of cooperation between franchisors and franchisees, consultancy in the related contractual relationships related to the franchising concept, including the assessment of parts franchise manuals etc.


  • drafting premarital agreements and agreements on the narrowing of marital property
  • drafting agreements for consensual divorce
  • representation in guardian proceedings, i.e. education and nutrition of minors
  • representation in divorce proceedings
  • representation in the alimony proceedings of husbands/wives and alimony of close relatives


  • processing business licenses and amendments
  • offenses and representation in misdemeanor proceedings
  • legal assistance to foreigners: the processing of residence permits, business licenses, registration at the local tax office, social security administration, health insurance, or with obtaining a work permit; representation in proceedings on the application for Czech citizenship, representation of foreigners before alien police, asylum law
  • representation before administrative bodies
  • representation before administrative courts of all levels (administrative action, cassation complaint, restoration proceedings)


  • defence in criminal proceedings
  • drafting of agreements on compensation for conditional discontinuance of criminal prosecution
  • representation in the negotiation of guilt and punishment agreements
  • representation of the injured in adhesion proceeding
  • representation of youth (i.e. minors) and adolescents under the Act on Juvenile Justice
  • participation in investigations, the permissible search of evidence in favor of the client


  • Pro bono can be generally understood as a declaration of social responsibility of business entities (the concept of so-called corporate social responsibility).

    In this regard, the law office aspires to render pro bono legal services as well. While providing this service, we primarily take into account the overall situation of the applicant, the rationale for providing pro bono legal service, and last but not least the importance of the case, i.e. a public good.

    The law office regularly provides pro bono services to private individuals in need. The applicant is required to register by phone or e-mail for a specific date and time.